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 Handmade Artisan Breads

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Noosh Kneads - Organic, Indulgent, and Reinventing Challah with every bite

Our artisanal fluffy loaves are meticulously handmade, featuring both savory and sweet flavors.

Noosh Kneads is committed to quality. We source organic ingredients whenever possible including, but not limited to, organic pasture-raised eggs and organic cane sugar, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of premium, wholesome goodness.

Indulge your senses with our array of handcrafted flavors, by pairing a savory challah to complement your main course with a sweet challah to elevate any dessert experience. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, Noosh Kneads offers the ideal gift – the perfect combination of taste and texture in every bite.

Experience the pinnacle of artisanal excellence with Noosh Kneads – where passion meets palate, and each Challah is a work of edible art.

Experience the Noosh you never knew you Kneaded.



Noosh Kneads LLC


Noosh Kneads LLC     was established in 2020 by Lauren, a former investment banker turned baker and entrepreneur who has translated the art of number crunching to the art of braiding . The business rose out of her passions for delicious flavor, artistic presentation, spirituality, and baking challah for her family and close friends for Shabbat dinners.  Her Persian Jewish heritage and upbringing have ingrained in her the value of bringing loved ones together for meals and celebrations, whether large or small. This is one of the primary reasons Lauren is so drawn to challah baking as the braids of the challah bread are known to symbolize love, peace, and unity. Her love for baking has since grown into an opportunity to share her additional love of bringing people together over a meal, which was particularly rewarding when she launched Noosh Kneads during a time when so many of us could not physically be with those who we cherish most. This became particularly meaningful and special for Lauren as she often bakes while FaceTiming her grandmother, who, because of the current state of the world, she is unable to visit in person. More importantly, her grandmother is the pioneer of her family as she immigrated, with Lauren’s grandfather, mother, uncles and great grandparents, to the United States from Iran between the 1940s and 1960s, to establish their family legacy here and is the one who has continuously imparted the importance of family, hospitality, love, peace and unity.  Much like Lauren’s Persian Jewish heritage, the unique flavors and tastes of her challahs create a sense of warmth, happiness and enjoyment at any table and for any meal including dessert! 

As Lauren continues to expand and test new flavors, she hopes that the magic of challah and her unique tastes and flavors bring the same joy, love, and togetherness to you as they have for her in the process of preparing them. As it is said in Farsi, “Noosheh Joon” (Bon Appetit)!


“The most sophisticated
bread is always
the upper crust."


TEL: 917.426.1690 


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